Dear Mr. Republican: I Know You Love Our Children

Dear Mr. Republican:

I'm afraid, very afraid -- for my children and for yours. And I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Can you please help me? Even if you just listened to understand, that would go a long way.

Sir, I'm neither a Democrat, nor a Republican, but I see a rapid rise of two new "religions," Democratism and Republicanism, both deeply pitted against each other, and it's terribly frightening. In spirit and emotional casualties, the outcome appears not unlike the terrible consequences of the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

As I see it, Sir, the increasing daily dogma of these two new religions is putting your children and mine at terrible risk, all in the name of your assumed duty to fight what you perceive as an evil sect called Obamaism -- even if it means that your strategy is not in the best interest of the American people.

I fear this will take all of us into a darkness from which there is no return. Please allow me just one example -- climate change. I know you believe it's a global conspiracy, but please, just hear me out. Please.

It seems to me that all respectable card-carrying Republicans support the view that climate change is a cleverly created hoax, and since fighting climate change is part of Democratism doctrine, this makes your conservative dogma on the subject a matter that is not open for discussion. But, please Sir, just a few more minutes of your time.

This month a report prepared and issued by a high-level military advisory board concluded that... (read the full article at HuffPost here